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Reception Children

Wearing a school uniform for the first time can be very exciting for new children. Below are some suggestions for parents in preparing their child for wearing a school uniform:
Teach your child how to tie their laces or have Velcro fastening shoes
Have a trial run the day before. Let them get dressed themselves.
Some girls find it difficult to get their dresses off for PE and their tights on afterwards – do practice with your child.
The teaching assistant or teacher will help your child in difficulties until they are more able.


We encourage all our children to wear hats on a sunny summer day. Sun creams can also be worn but your child will need to apply the sun cream themselves.


Please note that Reception children should spend about 50% of their time out of doors. This means that they may be doing ‘messy’ activities in their coats such as gardening, chalking, painting, working with sand and water. Please make sure that they always come to school with a coat in all weathers.


Occasionally children do have accidents and a change of clothes is necessary. We do maintain a small supply of clean clothing. If your child does have an accident, please wash and return the clothing as soon as possible. If your child is prone to this, please provide a spare set of clothes in a bag and inform their class teacher.

Labels and Lost Property

Please make sure that every item of clothing and equipment is clearly labelled and encourage your child to become self- reliant about possessions. This includes naming coats, socks and plimsolls. It is amazing how much lost property we accumulate and cannot trace back to the owner. If your child does lose an item of clothing, please come and have a look. The best time is after school when the cloakrooms are clearer.

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